December, 2011

07 Dec

To Reform or to Replace: That Is the Question

By Walter

To reform, or to replace–that is the question:Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous greed and political control, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them.

The worldwide movement toward the social coalescence of the human family was recently struck by a lighting bolt of positive energy with the spectacular appearance of the Occupy Wall Street movement which in a matter of weeks spread around the world as an effective vehicle for the expression of discontent on the part of people everywhere. Of particular value was the brilliant evocation of the “99 percent” meme which has served as a spectacular educational device, so much so that the principle it represents is accepted as valid by an overwhelming majority of the population. This puts the movement at a crossroads where it has become necessary to consider the question: Now what?

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02 Dec

Which Way For The “Occupy” Movement?

By Walter

John Heilemann, writing in the December 5 issue of NEW YORK magazine, offers an excellent account of the differences among the leaders of the ‘leaderless’ movement called Occupy Wall Street, or OWS, which occupied Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park for several weeks before being forcefully removed by the New York City Police Department. Heilemann observes that the core group was split between the reformists who were aiming to improve the present system and the radicals who were out to remove it. Now that winter approaches and the movement is likely to desert the streets, the question arises as to which of those views will be ascendent when the movement stirs from its winter hibernation and begins to take to the streets again come spring. 

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01 Dec

A Panicked Move by Desperate Central Banks

By Walter

“Money is not a force of nature. It is a concept, an idea, a figment of the human imagination. And it is real only to the extent that we allow it to rule our lives and our relationships with one another.” — TCGC

Right now, money — the most lethal concept every coughed up by the human imagination — has become the central cause of the world’s dysfunctional economic system. While money is supposed to act as a facilitator of economic activity, in a competitive capitalist society it has facilitated the concentration of wealth instead, thereby slowing demand and decreasing economic activity. Since the capitalist Ponzi scheme requires constant growth, the only way to keep the game going was for the haves to lend money to the have-nots so they could continue to spend while going deeper into debt. When the debt load of individuals became so great that it became clear that it could never be repaid, the only way to keep the game going was to lend money to governments so they could become the spenders of last resort. But now government debt has become so great that there is growing fear that countries defaulting on their sovereign debt could trigger the final collapse of the global financial system, thereby finishing the job that was started when homeowners began defaulting on their home mortgages four years ago. An indication of how serious the situation has become

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