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28 Sep

Disentangling Economics from Finance

By Walter | 2 comments


The economic system, that is, the actual production and distribution of goods and services, is one thing; the financial system that controls it is quite another.

Unfortunately, the two concepts have become conflated under the single rubric of “economics.”
Contributing to the conflation is the practice of economists to pontificate about finance rather than economics.

They don’t talk much about agricultural challenges or construction methods or manufacturing practices or distribution networks beyond their possible impact on the financial system.

It would be better if they called themselves financialists.

An unfortunate consequence of this conflation is its contribution to the widespread belief that the two are so intertwined that we can’t have one without the other.


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03 Aug


By Walter | 1 comment


Money is as pervasive as the air we breathe. It governs every aspect of our lives: where we work, where we live, how we live, how long we live. It consumes our thoughts, focuses our ambitions, colors our dreams, sparks our disputes, and stokes our anxieties. It’s here, there, and everywhere. No wonder it is viewed with the same degree of inevitability and blind acceptance as a force of nature. Such as gravity.

Money, however, is not a force of nature. It is a concept, an idea, a figment of the human imagination. And it is real only to the extent that we allow it to rule our lives and our relationships with one another.

Money, which has been around at least as long as recorded history, is most commonly and simply defined as a “medium of exchange.” And its utility is often illustrated by such examples as the ease with which it permits a shoemaker to exchange his labor for bread without having to search for a baker in need of shoes. On this simplistic level, the concept of money undoubtedly did serve some useful purpose in times past.

Today, however, money serves a far different and insidious purpose.

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21 Apr

The Beatles and the Missing (R)evolutionary Plan

By Walter | 1 comment


Fifty years ago, I believed we were going to change the world. One of the popular aphorisms in those days was, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” There were many of us who believed we knew the solution – “All You Need Is Love” – and that we were part of it. But as it turned out, something was missing. And just when I saw the (r)evolutionary fervor of the counterculture beginning to slip away, it was another Beatles lyric that suggested the reason. It was in the song “Revolution” on their 1968 White Album:

You say you want a revolution.
Well, you know, we all want to change the world.
You say you got a real solution.
Well, you know, we’d all love to see the plan.

The plan. That’s what was missing then and what is still missing today. Where is the plan? How precisely do we go about changing the world? What does changing the world actually mean? And what’s love got to do with it?

If I had to reduce my life’s philosophy to a single word, it would be, Yes! With an exclam. And if I were asked to describe with one word the emotional expression of that philosophy, that word would be, Love! Also with an exclam.
So I’m sticking with the Beatles announcement that love is all we need, because it is the emotional expression of the only social philosophy that can truly change the world.

But if love is the answer, and if we all have had the pleasure of expressing it and the joy of receiving it, why have we not universally adopted it as our zeitgeist? I’m going with the Beatles on that issue as well. We have not adopted it as the solution because we can’t imagine how it would work in the real world. There’s no plan.

So in the absence of such a plan, and in response to the Beatles request, I am here to offer one for your consideration. It’s called the Whole Earth Design Project, inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller, the futurist whose many designs and inventions included the geodesic dome and who early on recognized that we are all passengers and crew members alike aboard Spaceship Earth.

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20 Mar

How Bad Do Things Have To Get . . .

By Walter | 4 comments


. . . before people start thinking about a Plan B?

What happens when the house of cards that is the world’s financial system finally collapses in a tangled heap of broken promises, worthless institutions, and clueless leaders? Where is Plan B?

The objective of the Whole Earth Design Project is to produce Plan B. The strategy will be to authoritatively demonstrate that, with an abundance of natural and human resources combined with our scientific and technological expertise, there is enough for everyone, thereby undercutting scarcity as the justification for competition as the appropriate driver of social interactions.

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12 Mar

Ah, the Rich! They Are Different From You and Me.

By Walter | 2 comments


Oh, joy! Forbes’ annual billionaires issue just arrived, and it does not disappoint.

You have certainly heard about the financial crisis. But let’s review: The cracks in the system began to appear in 2007, right about the time the stock market reached an all-time high in October of that year. By September of 2008, less than a year later, the world financial system was on the brink of total collapse and the entire international financial community was in a panic. Six months later, four years ago, the stock market tanked, losing more than half its value. Since then, as if by magic, the stock market has fully recovered and is now breaking records daily.

What are we to make of this remarkable recovery? It’s a teachable moment that confirms Scott Fitzgerald’s observation: “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” How different? Let us count the ways.  

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05 Mar


By Walter | 2 comments


The objective of the Whole Earth Design Project is to design an ecologically and environmentally sustainable economic system capable of providing every individual on the planet with all of life’s essentials.

Why? Here are two excellent reasons:

Because we must.

And because we can.

Why must we? Because the present arrangement is not sustainable. If we don’t come up with a Plan B, the situation will continue to deteriorate, and eventually, sooner than you expect, it will have a dire effect on you personally, if it has not already done so. It has already done so on the planet itself. And if not reversed, think apocalypse.

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06 Apr


By Walter | 4 comments




“You say you got a real solution.

Well, you know, we’d all love to see the plan.”

–The Beatles, 1968

The ultimate objective of this project is to design an ecologically and environmentally sustainable economic system that will provide every individual on the planet with all of life’s essentials, and to do so in a way so convincingly that it will lead to its universal adoption. The plan is to pursue this objective in the following four stages:


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