March 12th, 2011

12 Mar

Day One

By Walter

Just after midnight, I performed the equivalent of smashing a champagne bottle against the bow of a ship by sending an email message out to a group I call “The Motley 100,” announcing the launch of this website. And a motley group it is: writers, artists, musicians, ex-hippies, activists, actors, attorneys, psychotherapists, singers, merchants, bankers, teachers, professors, chefs, poets, journalists, etc., altogether the most wonderfully diverse collection of family and friends and fellow passengers anyone could ever hope to have the privilege of sitting next to on this incredible journey.

But now that you’ve stopped by for a look, what’s next? That depends on whether you have already read the book, THE COMING GLOBAL COALESCENCE. If not, then click on THE BOOK tab and download the pdf version. After you have read it, let everyone know what think about it by returning to THE BOOK tab and writing a review. Meanwhile, over the course of the next several months, I will be posting a daily blog, to which you are also invited to respond. I will be commenting on world events, proposing personal and group strategies, soliciting support and resources, requesting ideas and expertise, all in the service of advancing the Coalescence. Your response to TCGC and to this website will determine what happens next.

Until then, thank you for visiting. I hope you’ll come back often. But before you go, you will want to register (through that “log in” button in the upper right-hand corner) so you can join in the conversation and let everybody know how you feel about things. Also, please click on the RSS FEED tab and subscribe to the daily blog. You’ll also receive your daily dose of “(r)evolutionary music on the tube.” Today’s selection is “Power to the People” with John Lennon and his army of marching cohorts. Enjoy.


There will be expenses.You can help.


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